Built by local loan originators with nearly a generation of experience, HSTM has served the local real estate and builder community for more than a decade. Our in-house underwriting, funding, and clear loan process create a rock-solid foundation on which builders thrive. HSTM gives “clear-to-construct” approval up front, and we fully underwrite the file at the beginning, not the end. This ensures a smooth path to an on-time closing—and often an early closing assuming the home is ready.


Benefits include:

  • Long-term interest rate locks (up to a year)
  • Construction loans with a smooth draw process
  • Open house marketing
  • Company branded marketing to grow your business
  • Prospective buyer follow-up and management to convert more sales
  • An in-house processing, underwriting, and closing department to ensure and efficient and accurate process
  • A wide variety of loan products to meet every need

We do the heavy lifting early. All we need is the title, insurance, appraisal, and an update of buyer documents to complete the process. We provide customized loan options with speed while offering local expertise and unmatched experience.